Web Application Platforms

Design, Development, Launch & Support

Web Application Development

With thorough problem analysis and information collection, we design the architecture of your project solution, develop an MVP of the web application, and test, debug, deploy, and maintain the product constantly. We also ensure highly optimized user experience by implementing best practices in UI/UX design and deploying an iterative approach in application development.

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Key Characteristics

Why working with EdgeCollab Cloud can bring value to your company

Custom Software Solutions

Leading Technology Solutions

Scalable Software Architecture

Robust Data Protection

Optimized Development Process

Constant Support & Maintenance

Secure A Rapid Return On Investment

Our Approach

How do we work?

Problem Definition & Analysis

Together with you we will define the business problem, analyze the solution requirements, and perform initial market research.

Product Development & Optimization

We will design the software solution architecture, develop the MVP, and optimize the platform upon iterative tests and evaluations.

Application Deployment & Support

After launch and deployment of the platform, we provide constant support and maintenance together with further application improvements.

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